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Vitamin Sea: Summer Holiday Phrases
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We can travel again which hopefully means that you are planning a lovely vacation abroad.  However, don’t get lost in translation because a great holiday begins with a good vibe which is achieved through decent communication.  We have put together … Weiterlesen

There is no “table” in “comfortable”…..
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Getting English pronunciation right can be rather tricky…  Just simply consider the fact that the letter combination “ough” can be pronounced in at least 6 different ways – cough, tough, thought, through, though, drought. Totally maddening… What’s worse, there’s not … Weiterlesen

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‘Go bankrupt’, ‘make a business deal’ and ‘break off negotiations’ are all examples of collocations. Collo – what? Collocations are combinations of two or more words that always go together. Just think of them as words that like to hang out together. … Weiterlesen

Toolbox “Idioms” – Nothing new under the sun?
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What does a native English speaker mean when they talk about “getting wind of something”, “it’s a perfect storm” or being “snowed under”? All these phrases are called idioms and native speakers make use them a lot. Whether it’s to … Weiterlesen

I’m sorry, could you repeat that?
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Wanting to be understood is on most people’s wish lists . I, for one have learned first hand what this really entails. Let me explain . What you hear is not always what the person means. Do you get where … Weiterlesen

The Austrian bar fund
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I remember the first time I had to withdraw some cash in Austria. Inserting my card into the slot in the cash point, the usual suspects come up, one option being „Bargeld“. Well, I never.. Knowing that the german word … Weiterlesen