The Austrian bar fund

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I remember the first time I had to withdraw some cash in Austria. Inserting my card into the slot in the cash point, the usual suspects come up, one option being „Bargeld“. Well, I never..

Knowing that the german word „Geld“ means money and „Bar“ means bar, I put two and two together. Bar money! My first thought was, boy these Austrians really do think of everything! So if you’re on your way to a bar, you just press this button and out comes money for your pleasure at the bar…? Of course, that’s exactly what I did. Pressed the button and, to my great amazement, out did come actual money, so I took myself to the nearest bar.. Only to my big disappointment did I later, when checking my bank account, notice that the money hadn’t come from this mysterious „bar fund“ in the cash point meant to offer financial support to all the avid bar goers in Austria. Oh well, can’t win them all.

It is noticeable though that there really is this rather relaxed attitude about say daytime alcohol consumption, at least here in Graz. It is perfectly commonplace to see businessmen enjoying a glass of aperol spritzer during lunch around midday. Or, what’s more, prosecco on brunch menu. In England, the best one can hope for is that they serve your instant coffee strong enough for breakfast…

I personally love this fun tradition of enjoying a glas of prosecco at brunch. I find it goes very well with the general relaxed attitude people seem to have around here. Or do they have the relaxed attitude because of the prosecco-brunch….? One can only guess 😉

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