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I’m sorry, could you repeat that?
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Wanting to be understood is on most people’s wish lists. I, for one have learned first hand what this really entails. Let me explain. What you hear is not always what the person means. Do you get where I’m going … Weiterlesen

The Austrian bar fund
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I remember the first time I had to withdraw some cash in Austria. Inserting my card into the slot in the cash point, the usual suspects come up, one option being „Bargeld“. Well, I never.. Knowing that the german word … Weiterlesen

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When you first move to a foreign country, there is a fair bit of paperwork to attend to. And, let’s be fair, in Austria, they don’t shy away from the paperwork. There is the Meldezettel, there is your Sozialversicherung, and, … Weiterlesen

Why this blog exists
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In my blog, I write about the humorous connections I’ve built between English and German, not only in the two languages but also their cultures. It is probably important to mention though that as I only have experience with the … Weiterlesen