Private Solutions

The inability to make yourself understood can lead to many frustrations..

Does any of the following apply to you?

“I’d really like to chat to people in English when on holiday but don’t feel confident enough.”

“I’ve always wanted to improve my English, just never got around to it.”

“My lack of English is really holding back my enjoyment of life.”

“I feel like I should be able to speak better English.”


Are your limits in English affecting your enjoyment and fun in social situations? Is your lack of Business English limiting you at work?

Push those limits and expand your world.

Become more fluent in English with the help of an expert. 



ELS has a solution for your specific situation:

  • individual coaching, paired with a friend or why not a group of friends
  • content of lessons to suit your needs, taught by a native speaker
  • focus on speaking, grammar and vocabulary to meet your particular goals
  • comprehensive learning support outside of lessons
  • lessons take place at a place of your choice
  • certification according to widely recognised CEFR levels



Find the right solution for you. Contact ELS today.