Corporate Solutions

Would you rather hide behind your laptop than speak up during a meeting in English? Is your company fully prepared to do business in the world’s business language? 

Does any of the following happen in your company?

„Our employees have many good ideas, but they can’t get them across in English.“

„The staff can speak English, but the fear of making mistakes is holding them back.“

„Limited vocabulary in English is cutting my conversations short.“

„My place of work is becoming more and more international, and I often find employees in situations where they’re required to express themselves in English.“


Sound familiar? Is the ability to speak English valued at your place of work?

Are your limits in English limiting you professionally?

Face these communication challenges and expand your potential. Invest in your employees, expand your company’s potential and don’t lose out to your competitors.

Transform your business with an expert. 



ELS has a solution for your specific situation:

  • individual instruction, courses with a colleague or a group of colleagues
  • highly customised and practical training taught by a native speaker
  • comprehensive learning support outside of lessons
  • industry-specific vocabulary relevant to your field and job situation
  • lessons taking place at your place of work
  • focus on speaking and grammar (unless specified otherwise by the customer)
  • certification according to widely recognised CEFR levels
  • accountable and insightful HR reporting