Competency Solutions

Having trouble finding the right words? 

Does any of this sound familiar?

“I always hesitate when pressing “send” on my emails in English at work. I’m sure they’re full of mistakes.”

“Giving presentations makes me nervous anyway. And now I have to give presentations in English..”

“We’ve noticed in our company that our employees find it difficult to communicate with our customers in England.”

“Making small talk in English is very uncomfortable for me.”

Ring true to you?

Are you having difficulties in any of these areas?

Transform the relevant skills for you with the help of an expert.


ELS offers coaching for the following skills in workshops for several participants or during individual training sessions:


  • Writing skills :
    • Business Writing
    • Improve Your Writing at Work
    • Email Writing Training


  • Presentation skills:
    • Impressive Presentation Skills Course (advanced)
    • Improve Your Presentation Skills
    • Presentation Skills for Beginners


  • Intercultural skills:
    • English Culture Skills Development
    • Communication in the English Culture
    • Cross-Cultural Training (England – Austria – South Africa)


  • Small talk: 
    • The Art of Small Talk
    • Small Talk in Business


  • Certification:
    • Cambridge Tests
    • TOEFL
    • IELTS
    • and more..
      • Individual lessons are the most suitable for working towards a language certificate!



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