Lenka Lorber

Experience with languages

Growing up in a multi-culti country such as South Africa, one is exposed to a tremendous amount of interesting languages.  Be it English, Xhosa, Afrikaans, Zulu, Sesotho, Setswana, North Sotho, Tshivenda, Songa, Siswati, South Ndebele just to name the official ones as there are many more unofficial languages to add to the list.

Lenka, however has not been successful in mastering all of the South African official languages, as there was never a need to do so.  Instead she prefers to concentrate on what is needed for professional communication in business and social situations.  How is this done?


Learning a foreign language

Fortunately, learning a new language is not rocket science!  Everything is possible with the correct instruction and methodology. A little bit of perseverance is needed which lends a hand to achieving your ultimate goal… speaking like a native!  That’s where ELS can assist you.


Educational background and teaching experience


FH Campus 02 University of Applied Sciences – part-time English Lecturer in the Departments: Innovation Management and Sales and Marketing (2018 to present)


Cambridge University – TKT Modules 1 & 2 (2017 to 2018)


Berlitz Austria – EFL English Trainer (June 2011 to July 2018)

Lenka completed a B.Mus degree at the Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth, South Africa (1997 to 2001)